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What is 50 Club?

50 Club is the ultimate high intensity weight training session. I developed the 50 club system to provide results driven, time effective and challenging workouts for my celebrity clients. When the pressure is on this is the system I use. This workout format has delivered amazing fat loss and muscle gain results to thousands of people over my career. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are 50 club members, so you are in good company! The 50 Club Challenge app makes these sessions available to you at any time, a personal trainer in your pocket.

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Endless possiblities

With monthly exercise changes and a build your own session format The 50 Club Challenge provides all the variety and intensity you need for a serious session. Come and see what being part of #teamkingsbury is all about


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My online training plans deliver industry leading results. To achieve the kind of enviable transformations that my #teamkingsbury members accomplish every aspect of training and nutrition has to beed carefully planned. We are all different, with different goals and abilities and the training and nutrition have to match this. Custom online personal training and nutrition is the future of fitness. Make the smart choice and sign up today!

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